The Merit of Marketing in Society


The beauty of opening up a business is that you get to be your own boss. You work with things that you love to do. And those things that you love to do? You get others to pay them for you. But how do all these things happen if you are still planning on how your business is going to happen? This is by doing marketing.

For anyone pursuing to open up their own business, the word marketing is anonymous to such operations. By definition, it is the process of managing through the products and services that is sent to the consumer. This involves the coordination of the four P’s which are identifying, selecting and developing a certain product; determining its price; selecting a particular distribution channel for reaching the place of the consumers; and the promotional strategy’s establishment and implementation.

MarketingJust think about how Apple market their products. Many people wonder how Apple got a large following despite the issues they are facing. The new products that Apple make are developed in including improved systems and applications. Each are given different prices and this depend on the desire the customer has. The products are then sold at places where they are naturally sold.

So that the products get more consumers to be interested and potentially buy them, the company will feature a debut of their product at various tech events, followed by wide advertisements on television and on the web.

Marketing, including online, is based on the thinking about business looking through the needs of the customer and how satisfied they are. Marketing is different from selling. Selling is centered with techniques and tricks to get people into trading their cash with the product of your business. It is not about values and is only a part of what a business really is.

Informing consumers is one of the many benefits about marketing. Marketing is often surrounded with persuasive intent although generally it starts when the company starts identifying the needs of a customer. They look for how their services or products meet each of their needs. Customers generally have very clear defined needs.

Thus marketing is able to provide the means for customers to learn about the new products and services and what each of it does. Marketing can also have practical information in order to assist in the making of purchases like phone numbers, release dates of the product, addresses, web addresses and store hours.

inbound-marketing-graphicMarketing should also involve managing the expectations of consumers. Consumers rely most on brands that have been in business for years, thus trust is being built between the two. Marketing also make use of information from the advocacy groups of consumers in order to learn about which of the brands are reliable and are able to present their values best.

Businesses must utilize the processes of marketing in order to make their consumers aware of any major changes with their products or services. Businesses seek to enhnace the quality of their offerings and these major changes affect the processes involved in the business. Regulations implemented by the governement prevents the marketers from creating misleading or false claims.

This will provide the consumers precise and correctly aided decisions without taking too much risk. If done the other way around, they will have to buy products or services without getting any benefits from marketing.

The benefits of marketing is not only for consumers, but also for the economy. Marketing influences the economy of the consumer, then promoting the services and products. It targets consumers in order for them to become buyers in the long run. For a business to generate very high sales, it is the result of successful strategies with marketing. This then becomes an expansion of the business, higher tax revenue, job creation and the overall growth of the economy.